Monday, April 16, 2012

Journal Entry 26: Notes on Napkins

So for Christmas that year, my parents flew me back to Washington to spend time with my friends. It was wonderful. My next entry is several pages long and mostly just talks about my day-to-day adventures while there (like my first date with my best friend), but the more prevalent part to this project actually comes on my flight back to Maryland. So, I'll actually be starting this next part on the last page of that entry...
"...Then I went in, exchanged my ticket, checked my bags and eventually got on the plane to go home. The plane ride home was interesting. I sat next to a man who I later found out was deaf. On a napkin he wrote 'Hi. My name is Phyron' so I wrote back and we passed notes on napkins and eventually in my note book. He was 28, from Cambodia, but lived in Canada and was going to teach English and the Bible at a school in MD. We actually ended up having a religious discussion, because he was trying to 'save me', but I explained my religion more and he eventually gave up and we 'talked' about other things and he taught me a little sign language. I think he really needed to talk to someone because when we got off the plane he gave me a hug. I don't know what happened to him after that and prob never will, but I hope he takes my testimony to heart. 
I'm amazed at the people God brings into your lives. I actually bore my testimony about it in YW that sunday. I also prayed, because I wanted to know if what I told that man was true and to know if my testimony was true. I didn't get any unique answer, but it just feels right. I'll staple some of the notes from my notebook in here, but they are hard to follow because it is somewhat out of order and we also jestured to answer (like I nodded my head when he asked me questions) but I'll put them in anyway... Hopefully I'll write again soon. 
<3 ya/ MichelleCurtin"
This picture probably seems irrelevant. And it kind of is, but it's the best I could find. It's from when I was in Washington (which is the reason I was flying back to Maryland)

I did staple in those notes to my journal. I won't type up all of it, but maybe some key parts. On the front is a scripture that he had me read: Romans 10:9.  I don't remember what he was trying to explain and I don't know what version of the bible he had, but in my version it says:
"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heard that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved"

And now here is some of the notes we passed. Blue will be me, Orange will be him:
"Thank you. I believe that too. I'm impressed how much you know about the bible. I study it too, but I still have a lot to learn.
No problem. More than you welcome! I just message to you. That's all. I speak about Jesus Christ.
That's good. My brother went on a mission to do the same thing. The full name of my church is 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints'
Not too well, they are difficult sometimes. I like to study the Bible and the Book of Mormon too, but I don't do that at school.
Your education is very important in the future. You can read the Bible for a few minutes. It is good enough for you. It is up to you.
Thank you. I have one too. I read it and the book of mormon every day if I can. And before school I take a class called seminary that is kind of like a bible study class.
If you don't know what to do, you ask Jesus will do for. Psalms 25:4-5. I see the word is ugly today, but good news regeneration! Jesus will create the heaven and the Earth in the future!
You are good at teaching about the bible. You must know it well. I might go on a mission someday to teach people about the bible and the Book of Mormon.
I read the bible when I was 15 years old, I aware of it. I didn't understand Old English, now I understand it. I'm not mormon. I know the history of mormon. Verily, it is not real.
The history is confussing to many and there are many lies about it, so many do not understand it well. I do, and I know it to be true.
All right. I don't blame you.
I'm sorry. I hardly describe to you. 
It is fine. I like to discuss religion, because I believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a true church. May I ask I ask if you believe in modern day revelation from God? Like a prophet to deliver messages from god like in the old testiment and bible times?
No, I can't be a prophet to deliver messages from God. I can follow the prophet Bible. I can't guess to deliver messages from God.
Yes. I believe most of that too... But I believe that that time was ended when Joseph Smith was appointed Prophet and now we have a living prophet. I agree with the verse you showed me. there are many lies in the world today and many false prophets, but there is one true prophet of God for this new dispensation... The story of Joseph Smith does seem strange to many who don't know it well, but I know it to be true. God said that he would give the world a prophet again and he did. It is now Gordon B. Hinckley who is the prophet. I've prayed about it and I know it is true. 
I don't think. Neither Joseph Smtih and the prophets of story. I don't believe them. I simply believe the Bible is only.
I respect your beliefs, but it is because I believe the bible that I believe the modern day prophets to be true.
Jesus values our lives as expensive as diamonds are! Why don't you ask Jesus will answer you will find the truth? You can't guess to think when you feel you have from God.
Yes I know. Jesus died for me and everyone because he values us. And I have asked him. That's why I blelieve what I do. He has answered me and that is why I believe what I do.
I ask you. Why does the mormon of book add in the bible?
It is written in the bible that we will be given another witness of Christ. The book of mormon is that additional witness of Christ. It gives us more information and teachings. The book of mormon and the bible go together to teach us truth....
You are nice to me. I am nice to you. I think we are enough to discuss. We can speak other title. Is that okay with you?"
And then we went on to talk about our favorite things and places we'd been and our family and such. I was impressed with his strong beliefs and his knowledge of verses in the Bible. It taught me a lot and really put me on the spot to make sure I knew my religion.
I could see, because of this experience, why it is so important that we have modern day revelation to help direct us in our scripture study. I could also see that many religions had a lot of truth and a lot of similar beliefs, but my testimony grew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the only church that had a fullness of the gospel.

I am grateful for that experience and that we could have a discussion, with different views, in such a civil way. I wish I knew how he was doing and how he was. The last thing he wrote was "we are enjoyable to chat with you!"

It was an enjoyable conversation and it is cool to see how lives can cross paths in such simple and profound ways.

Love Always.

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