Saturday, April 14, 2012

Journal Entry 24: Emma


Okay so I skipped a couple stories in that last entry because they just don't have enough meat in them, but here's the next relevant one...
Picture from a hike I did with Emma and some other friends when I lived in WA
"Well onto Emma. So I hadn't talked to Emma for a long time, but I did the other day and I asked her how she was and she wasn't doing too great because her dad lost his job (again). And I don't really know how to explain it, but the conversation I had with her was actually really nice. I was able to help her too, because we had both felt the same way about some things and so it was easy to empathize. Also, I told her to listen to the song by Josh Groban ("you are loved/don't give up") that had helped me and I really do think it helped her. I was glad I could help. I can't really even explain it, but I was just able to say things to help her. I think she just really needed someone to talk to and God knew it, so he helped me...I don't really know how else to say it. I hope I can be open-minded and helpful all the time. I really care about many people and I hope they can come to me if they need someone to listen."...
I've already posted a link to that song in a different post, so I won't re-post it. It's a good one though. I actually had forgotten about this interaction until I read it. I really do believe that if you're willing, God can use you to be an instrument in His hands for good. 
Love Always.

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