Friday, April 13, 2012

Journal Entry 23: The Photography Project

So the next Journal entry is several pages long and in all kinds of different directions. I think it's probably a day where I figured I really needed to catch up on everything and was really bored. But since the stories are all so different, I think I'm actually going to break the norm and split this entry into more than one post. So here is part 1:
"Hey Journal,'s now Oct. 14 and I don't know how much time I'll have to write, but I will try... okay so next is Mr. Kennedy's project. Mr. Kennedy was my animation and video teacher @ Cedarcrest in WA, but he still likes to give me projects. The project he gave me was to take pictures that tell a story of what it is really like to be LDS. He isn't a member, so he researched and found out that we had our 177th genearl conference (semi-annual) & decided to make this my project. I didn't realize how hard it was actually going to be. So far I've taken a few pictures of a little girl named Aubrey (she's 5) from my ward. She comes over every tuesday for art lessons... she's so cute and she agreed to 'model' for me- so I took pictures of her reading the scriptures and praying and looking up & they actually truned out really cute, but it's rally hard to find something to take a poctue of that actually portrays what being LDS is all about... I really want to get some really good pictures for it so I hope I can..."...
And then it pretty much goes onto the next story that I will save until tomorrow. The journal entry doesn't really make it sound like this was a testimony-building moment in my life, but it was. I was glad that I had someone challenge me to figure out what being LDS was all about. I'm grateful for when people challenge me to make sure that I know for myself and give me an opportunity to attempt to express that to others. Looking back, the pictures don't really express what being LDS is all about, but they were meant to represent some of the simple principles in this gospel...

I took some during Young Womens one day too- "I Love To See The Temple"

"Prayer Conquers Satan"

"Feast Upon My Words"

"Faith is Like A Little Seed: If Planted, It Will Grow"

I love the simplicity of the gospel.
Until tomorrow-
Love Always,

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