Thursday, April 12, 2012

Journal Entry 22: Sweet Sixteen

Sweet-sixteen... at 16 you can drive, date, get a job and feel like an adult. It's a huge deal! (right?)That's why it was so hard for me to move from Washington (where I had tons of friends) to Maryland right before my 16th birthday. I don't remember being overly-dramatic about it, but I'm sure I probably was. It was hard. What girl wants to turn 16 when she has no friends?
Well it wasn't so bad after all. My next journal entry talks a lot about how random people as well as friends and family, really took the time to remind me that I am loved and I didn't need to be lonely on my 16th birthday after all. (There's a long list of people who did things for me, so I'll cut out a lot and leave only a few examples).
My Dad and I on my 16th Birthday
The most important part about this entry though, it about the best birthday gift I have ever gotten. It was a huge blessing and testimony to me and something that continues to shape and strengthen my testimony each day. There isn't a lot of detail on here and there's not a lot of detail in my journal entry either because it's a very sacred, personal thing- but I hope it conveys some shimmer of how important that was.
"Hey Journal!!
Guess what today is...Yup, SEPTEMBER 30, 2007! I am 16! Wahoo. It didn't feel as exciting as I expected, but it was still fun. Yesterday Wendy C (a girl from my ward that I've started to become friends with) and I went to the Hunt Valley Mall. We mostly just walked around in circles and talked... Then my dad picked us up, we went home and watched the movie Charly. It was fun....Well today was my actual birthday (& a fast sunday) I went to church and everyone was nice and told me happy birthday...
And in Sunday school there is a little 12 year old (I think)...boy named Dulante (sp?) who told me happy birthday & that he gave all his friends a hug on their birthday, so he gave me a hug. It was cute.
Then, after church, we waited until 1:30, because I was getting my Patriartical Blessing. It was cool because the Patriarch only will do 2 blessings a month, so he happened to chose my birthday (even though he didn't know it was my birthday). It was a very sweet blessing... The Patriarch didn't know me, but he said things in that blessing that where definitely personal to me. At the end when I shook his hand, he held it with both of his and thanked me for preparing (though I never told him I actually did fast, pray and read my scriptures). And he said things like how righteous and special I am. It was very touching. He was definitely a great Patriarch... Anyway, that was an amazing birthday present. 
... I gotta say I feel pretty loved. I am VERY blessed! Wow! Well I better get sleep- school & seminary tomorrow! <3 ya!
<3/ Michelle D Curtin (Age 16!)" 
I am very blessed, and I continue to be blessed because of what happened that day. Who needs a huge sweet-sixteen party with presents and fun galore when you can receive things that last much, much longer?

Love Always,

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