Sunday, April 8, 2012

Journal Entry 18: I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go

(Happy Easter!)

He is Risen! What a beautiful miracle.

Now onto the project:
I've made it to the last page of my first journal. Pretty sad that out of almost 200 pages, I only got 18 entries to type on here. Granted, there were a few that just didn't have enough substance to put the whole experience on here and a few that I just don't feel are meant for this blog, but I sure wish that there was a lot more about these testimony-building experiences and less about boys and drama. Hopefully the next journal will be a little better since I was "grown up" (The next journal is when I was about 16...) 
What the inside of my first journal looks like. I was a lil' bit of a doodler

Alright, here's the last entry in my Red Journal:
"Hey Journal,
Today is March 30, 2007. Looks like this is my last page. I'll have to write in my other journal after this. Well yeah I'm most likely moving. Right now I'm on my way to Utah to see people and send my brother on his mission, then we're flying up to Maryland to look around. the ony Happy/Sad thing about this is that because of this- people really start to show how much they care. I definately feel loved. I'm probably moving after EFY in July. I'm really going to miss everyone, but my life is in God's hands and 'I'll Go where you want me to go'. Everything has been really stressful, but I know everything will work out for the best. I just need to trust God and it will all be fine.
Well since this is my last page I guess I better make some closing statements. I guess life really has it's ups and downs, but without the downs, we would never know the ups. This world is beautiful and getting to know a different place may be good. Daniel is leaving, but he's serving a mission so that is good. I am so lucky to have the blessings I have and for life I've been able to live. It really all is a blessing in disguise. I'm so lucky to have true friends and family I have. I am definately very lucky to have something that makes it so hard to say goodbye. It's really amazing all I have in my life. All the people and so many blessings. Well I hope I also remember how lucky I am. I guess this is my final goodbye in this journal. I'll be saying a lot of goodbyes soon, but it's never forever. I'll see them all again. It's never final. But for here- goodbye, thanks. 
Much love,
Michelle Delta Curtin" 
A lot of my friends who helped shape my life while in Washington 
I obviously didn't know then, but now that I have the benefit of hindsight, I'm grateful for the experiences I had in Washington, but I'm also grateful for the many things I learned after we moved to Maryland. I met a lot of wonderful people and had a lot of testimony-strengthening experiences. I trusted God, and it was all fine. I guess we'll see what gems we find in the next journal.

And here's me after moving to Maryland. No longer surrounded my friends, but with lots of adventures ahead

Love Always,

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