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Journal Entry 17: The Floods Came Up

This is another lengthy one, so I'll hold off on the intro commentary...
"Dear Journal,
Today is Dec 17, 2006. There is soooo  much to tell. Things have been so crazy. Let's see- I'll start with the flood. Earlier in November there was a huge flood from rain & snow melt that covered the whole valley. School was canceled because all of the bridges over the Snoqaulmie river were flooded. All kinds of roads were flooded. There was soo much water it was crazy. There were signs like "Water over roadway" signs and stop signs where you could barely see the top of. The main part of bridges looked like they were floating. We even saw some cows stranded on a little piece of land sourounded by water. It was amazing. Luckily we live at the top of a hill so our house didn't get flooded. We later (after roads opened) went to help clean up a lady in our ward's yard (sis teezen ? I think). Wood and other junk had floated everywhere. Also, in Novemeber earlier it snowed. We had 2 (I think) snow days off of school. We sledded down the hill in our back yard and River loved it so much she rolled around in it. One of the days, Brianna came over and we tied River to a a sled. She pulled down the road to our house (which is a steep hill). It was really fun, other then the dangerous and icy roads. Now is an even crazier part though. 
To clarify- "River" is my dog.
Right now I am writing by candle & latern lgiht. U wanna know why? cuz Thursday night (today is Sunday) there was a huge windstorm. It knocked down TONS of HUGE trees that smashed some houses and power lines. Luckily we didn't have any trees hit our house, but we haven't had power since then, and may not have for up to a week more. So we missed MORE school. We are lucky and have tons of food, water, a fireplace, a grill and even a generator for the kitchen, but most people aren't as well of as us. We were prepared (being Mormon and all) but many are needing to go to shelters or need food or warmth. Our church and neighborhood has all been helpful to those who need it though. It is definately a lot more dark at night though. I've never seen the world so dark before. I'm so used to house and street lights, even when we don't live in a big city. I didn't realize how dark it could get. The stars are brilliant though. You can see tons more than you normally can. You can see whole constalations and the sky looks very glittery, it's really cool.
This is an actual picture from that flood (There should be a road there...)
Since the power is out, we couldn't have all of church today. Instead, we had an abreviated sacrament meeting. We came in pants and coats and brought flashlights. It was short, cold and dark, but really neat. Our new bishop Hanks (it used to be Bishop Coomer) spoke. Most of it was about pioneers and preparing and helping others. It was definately a sacrament meeting to remember.
Well the missionaries are coming in about 45 mins for dinner so I better get going pretty soon, but I have a couple more things to write. Oh yeah- before the wind storm, after school & drivers ed, I was supposed to have a drive but the guy canceled because of the storm. So I was stuck outside waiting (and the school power went out) and it started to POUR. It was raining really hard. Jordan even called to say his mom could pick me up if my mom couldn't get there (lucky Jordan, he's on his way to a cruise to Mexico right now). But my mom came and picked me up so it was all good. So yeah. 
...I better go get ready for the sister missionaries. I think we're having crab tonight- YUM! So I guess I'll go and try to keep you updated as much as I can, even though I haven't very good about that lately.
<3 ya!/ Michelle
P.S. 3 more Blessings:
1. Haven't been hurt or anything in flood/snow/wind storm
2. church to prepare us for things like this and a prophet to tell us.
3. Sacrament (that we can get even if there is no power, warmth/light)" 
(I had been writing 3 blessings after each journal entry for a while- that's why I said "3 more blessings")
This was the first time I really came to appreciate the guidance the prophets had always given us to store and prepare. I live a pretty comfortable life comparability, so I never expected to actually need to use our food storage and other emergency preparation materials, but we did. I was also grateful for the opportunities that our community had to serve each other during such an intense and trying season. Even when the storms and the raging winds come, God is there to guide us.

Love Always,

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