Friday, April 6, 2012

Journal Entry 16: My BFF's EFY

A lot of this has been my own testimony, but there have been several times where I have drawn major strength from the testimony of others. The end of one of my entries is about a conversation that I had with my best friend from middle school/ high school- Jordan Barrett.
This is a sketch that I did of Jordan playing my guitar the same year
"Hey Journal,
Today is July 27, 2006.... Also, Just 2 nights ago he told me about his EFY expirences. He told me about his testimony meeting. He said this girl named Amy asked if he was going up and she said she would go up if he did. He tried to get up like 4 times and couldn't. Then suddenly he was up there. He had planned what to say, but it came out completely different. He told me about how it made him cry and how he could feel that strong feeling of the spirit then, and as he was telling me. He said he wasn't sure why he was telling me all of that, because he had only told the guys in his EFY group. He figured it was because I was his closest friend. He seriously is my closest friend in Washington. Ever since EFY he seems changed (for the good). He makes me want to be better and I love him as a friend so much. He is the best. Well I could go on and on and on, but my mom is having a Primary meeting here in an hour 1/2 so I need to get ready. 
Much Love, Michelle Curtin"
This picture is from when Jordan and I were in a play together, probably about a year after I wrote that entry.
Elder Barrett is now serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Santa Rosa, California. One of the first letters I wrote to him on his mission, I reminded him of this experience and told him how much it meant to me to hear my friend's testimony and know that I wasn't alone. I am grateful for his example and friendship. 

Elder Barrett and I. I got to take him to the MTC, but since he was set apart as a missionary, I couldn't give him a hug :) so instead, he got his first awkward missionary picture. 
Love Always,

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