Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journal Entry 13: Preserving Memories

So the next entry is a little less testimonial. At least not from the perspective and context it was in at the time. But now, looking back (especially in the context of what I am doing right now) I think there's something to be said about it...
Here it is: The actual red journal- complete with "NO LOOKING" written on the top :)
"Hey Journal,
Today is Sunday June 4, 2006. Today we had a lesson on writing in our journals. We got a bag full of things to write about. So far now on I'm going to pull one out every time I write. --> this came with the bag (even though it's not a jar :)) 'JOURNAL IN A JAR: Preserve your memories- seal them up well. What you forget, you can never retell. But a journal that's kept fresh on the shelf will help someone through rough times- Maybe even yourself!'....

Inspired? I think so. If this "Evolution of a Testimony" Project hasn't/doesn't help anyone else. It has helped me.
Love Always,

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