Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Journal Entry 7: The Definition of Cute

I've had many opportunities to go to General Conference over the years. I'll be watching and listening again this weekend. You can watch/listen to conference almost anywhere you are, but there is something unique about being able to listen to the Prophet and his apostles in person and to directly feel the spirit that the choir brings. This entry is from the first time I was able to attend conference...

"Hey Journal,
Today is Sunday 3 (I think) 2004. I think I'm going to just write about things that I remember. Well here I go... -When I went to Utah this year for my B-day I got to go to confrence. You could really feel the spirit there. My favorite part was when cute old Pres. Hinckly came in swinging his cane. He is such a cute and funny old man. I really injoyed going! -About a year ago, we went to Utah for christmas. When we got home it was snowing * well when we got to our hill our car couldn't get up, so we left the luggage and the car and had to hike up @ night in the cold snow. We got our car the next day. -ummm... I can't think of another one. Well I better go get ready. We have young women's in excellence tonight and I'm going early to set up. so ttyl.
<3 Michelle"
A picture from my first time to conference. (I promise we were happier than we look: "The sun was in our eyes...")
And apparently I forgot that I had written this in there, because a few pages later, my ticket to Conference is taped in my journal with the following entry...
"Dear Journal,
Today is January 3, 2005. That ticket mostly explains it's self, but I'll tell you more. It's from when I went to Utah for my B-day. Chasy, my mom, my aunt Danelle (Chasey's mom) and I went to Saturday confrence. It was very fun! I loved getting to see and listen to pres. Hinkley. He is so cute, he came in swinging his cane! I loved getting to go! Well I g2g,
bye, Michelle"
It's too bad that I didn't write more about my first General Conference experience, but that image of President Hinkley is still something I can see today. A couple years later at one of my EFYs, the speaker asked the audience "Girls, when you think of President Hinckley, what do you think of?" Almost all the girls said "cute!". Then he said "Well boys, you want the girls to think you're cute? Guess you better start aspiring to be like President Hinckley!" My first conference made a lasting impression, because I could see him as Prophet of God, but I could also see him as a naturally fun, loving and humble man.
Love Always, Michelle

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