Monday, March 26, 2012

Journal Entry 5: Broken Records

Not all testimony-building experiences were miracles and glorious moments. Sometimes they were recognizing that God was humbling me. In middle school I was on the track team. And boy, was I good. I was a short little thing, but I could run, jump and throw like a champ. I broke a lot of school records in the shot-put, the high-jump, the 100m and the 4X1. Because of that, I knew I was hot stuff. And I started thinking I was better than other people and that everyone else should acknowledge my awesomeness. Until our very last Track Meet...

"Dear Journal,

Pride gets in the way of everything! I've been meaning to write this for a long time, but at my track meet a girl named Stephanie beat my shot put record, I only got 4.0ft on high jump and I got 4th in the 100 meter dash. This is what pride gets you, I had been bragging and being so very proud of myself and thinking that I was #1. This is Heavenly Father's way of teaching me... Not punishing me, but teaching. I thought I had learned my lesson, but our track team was going to have a pot luck and give out awards. I was so excited to go, because I was so sure that I would win something, but on Friday night I got stung by a bee (well actually a wasp) and my eye swelled up like a ballon! so I can't go to the school, knee therapy, softball OR the potluck. I really hope I've learned my lesson now. Well anyway, enough of the bad stuff let's talk about something better, well... I only have 9 more days of school left! I can't wait 4 SUMMER! Sorry, but I've got to go know.

-Wolf #K9 (wolf is my nickname and my softball # is K9) p.s. Today is June 6, 2004!"
My Akward Middle School Stage

God loved me, but He wasn't about to let me be a brat. It may seem like pretty trivial problems, but they were really important to me at the time. I'm actually grateful for that experience and the lesson it taught me of humility, kindness and love.

Love Always,

P.S. In the process of looking for a picture to use for this post, I found the Told Middle School track records. My last standing record (the 4x1 relay) was officially beat last year. And so life goes on.

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