Saturday, March 24, 2012

Journal Entry 3: Dear Me

The unfortunate thing about too much of my journal is that it's over-stuffed with boy drama. Every time that cute boy wrote me a note or played with me at recess, that's what I wrote about- not neccisarily the spiritual moments. But what do you expect from a pre-teen? The next Journal entry will be missing a section at the beginning (to protect the identity of my elementary school romance), but it still has some pre-teen flare to it...
Me in 2004
"Dear Journal,  
Today is Jan 9, 04..............Well anway, most of the rest of this will be a note to myself...  
Dear Me,  
This is your 12 year old self writing to my future self- I've got a couple things to say to you that you better listen to!
-Don't ever forget your heavenly father!
-When the time comes- get married in a LDS temple!
-Try to go to BYU!
-Always <3 kids and future husband!
-Chose good friends and boyfriends
-remember to read scriptures and pray
-Never give up!
-always stay spiritually clean
-Don't smoke, drink, ect.
-Always be happy
-Keep trying
-Ask for help when you need it
-Chose the right guy!
-Raise kids in the church
-Remember your always loved (here are some examples of who <3 you... ME!, Heavenly Father, Holy Ghost & Jesus, Mom & Dad, relitives, your past pets, friends, "boy-friends", ect)
-You're beautiful and don't U Dare think differently
-Don't forget me (your past)
-Choose The Right!
Your BFFL (Best Friend for Life)
Michelle Curtin (@ age 12)"
Some of those things I actually followed through on, some I'm still working on... But, I am grateful for a sassy 12 year old that told me what's what. Way to know what's important 'lil me!
Love Always,

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