Friday, March 23, 2012

Journal Entry 2: Historical Significance

So when I said I was a consistent Journal writer, I was exaggerating a little. It took me a while to really get into it. The second relevant entry came a few years later after my parents took us to the Nauvoo Temple open house in Illinois.

The humidity did wonders for my hair
That Illinois trip is something I still hold dear memories of. Even though at first I thought it would be an incredibly boring trip, it ended up being one of our most memorable.

"Hay Journal.
The Nauvoo Temple is finally being rebuild and I got to see it! I went in side!As soon as my feet (which wore in plastic) touched the ground I new it was a real temple. I COULD feel the spirit. It was so strong. I hope to be able to do babtisms for the dead in the S.L.Temple or the Bountiful temple and some day I'd like to be married for time and all eternitey in one of the beautiful temples! By the way, it was June 2002 when we went. While we were on our trip we went to lots of historical sites like adamondionman (wich is where adam is going to come back to), far west (where they started a temple but never finished) Hans Mill (wich is where one of our ancestors died- Austin Hammer) Liberty Jail (where our prophet Joseph Smith was held), the Jail where Joseph and Hiyum Smith died (while were where there it began to rain a thunder shok. we went both prisons in the Jail then we went to the room where they had stayed. as we sat and listened to the tape about the two bulets coming throw the door (the secend killing hayum Smith) lightning sturk sounding exactly like bullets. I could easily see John Taylor rolling under the bed after being shot by bullets including one that hit his pocket watch that was directly on his heart. I could see our prophet, Joseph Smith being killed. It was totally amazing! Then we went to the temple (WOW!!!) At the end of our trip we went to Chicago we went lots of very cool places including siers tower, the acoriom, farris weel, 3d show, china town and lots more, well see journal I'm gettin tired.

Good night!

- Michelle Delta Curtin. June 2002"  
I still get chills thinking about how vivid that experience in Carthage Jail was for me. That's where my testimony of Jospeh Smith really started to become more solid. I don't need huge, extravegent trips to gain a testimony, but expereinces like this one are so meaningful to me. (That's why they're written down). I will never forget this experience and am grateful that I had the opportunity for it.
Love Always,

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