Saturday, March 31, 2012

Journal Entry 10: Black Ice

I truly feel that I have been protected by God throughout my life. Some close calls are more evident than others, but here is one time that I was very grateful for God's hand keeping my family and I safe...

"Dear Journal,
Today is December 10, 2005. Today I went to my friend, Savannah's birthday party, but since today is saturday- that means tomorrow is Sunday so I couldn't sleep over. So my mom & Daniel came to pick me up at 11pm. Daniel was driving and, being winter, there was black ice on the roads. We began to slip and turn, Daniel corrected it but we slipped again and although Daniel slowed the card down, we ended up going backwards in the ditch. I've never seen my brother like that, he flipped out- no he didn't get mad, he was startled and even cried a little. He's never been in an accident (when he was driving) before. He was okay after a second though. Nobody was hurt, not even a scratch. I think we're very blessed. Even though nobody was hurt and we didn't really need help (other than my mom called AAA to tow us out), we had another blessing. The farmers down the road came to check on us, because they had seen us. The only reason they even saw us spinning was because their lights happened to flicker, so they looked up and saw what was happening out their window. Well we're all safe, my Dad came and picked me up and brought me home (we were only a couple miles from home). My mom and Daniel are still down there with the car. They're waited to get it towed up. 2 police cars are there too (the farmers called just in case, when they were walking out). Mom and Daniel should be home soon. The car may be really muddy, a little scratched and bumped, but I think it'll actually be okay- we're all safe, it's all good. I think we were in God's hands tonight. Better get ready for bed, church in the morning.
Luv ya/Michelle"
 I am not afraid of death, because I know that I am in God's hands in all things. I am grateful for the safety that my family has been constantly blessed with thus far though.

Love Always,

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