Thursday, March 22, 2012

Journal Entry 1: Before Being Baptized

I started my first Journal when I was 7 years old. It was a few months before my baptism...
Anyone else think my mom posed me for this picture?

My first few pages in my journal are littered with colorful pens and misspellings. My thoughts are scattered like easter eggs, but the feelings are in there somewhere. Here's the first recorded mention of my testimony- it's on the 2nd page of my first Journal:

"Iis February 20th 1999. today I took my dog for a walk arund the block. My testimony is... I bare my testany and I now the church is true. I love my familly. Hi Journal it's me again. Today I got to do nothing. at last Nathan is caming back. That's in two moanths. I can't whait. My favrit coloer is navy Blue. bi for now. When I tern 8 and I get babtised I wood probaly fill like the hollhy gost was going to be with me forefer. if he efer went away I cold not live. I love evrething God has givn me. I love my familly best. ho ya I almost fergot my birthday is setember 30ith but my baptism is at november 6th. now my grandma has chichen and i think a hen her smallist is black. tomaro we will have a piknik at her house it will be fun."

This is me on my baptism day with two of my friends who were baptized the same day. (Nathan-my best friend who was "caming back" is on the left and Jacob is on the right)
I remember vividly some memories of before I was baptized. I remember when the Primary president came to interview me and ask me if I wanted to make the choice to get baptized. In the LDS church, the age of accountability is 8. Now, it seems like 8 year olds are too young to be making decisions like that, but I remember digging deep down into my little heart to decide if I was really ready to follow Christ. I chose to be baptized.  I am grateful for the wonderful people that were in my life as a child who helped me understand who Christ was and allowed me to make decisions for myself to chose the right.

Love Always,

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