Thursday, November 10, 2011


At my great grandmother's funeral this year my grandfather gave a wonderful talk about Light. I wouldn't dare try to repeat it or explain it, because of the depth of thought behind it, but it got me thinking more about light in the scriptures. Then I read an article about the symbolism of light called "Light: A Masterful Symbol".

One of the things that it points out is that light and understanding of light can come slowly. In a literal sense, if we were in a pitch dark room and then suddenly turned on a bright flood light, our eyes would feel pain from the intense change. Instead, it is best to turn on lights slowly and allow our eyes to adjust.

Similarly, if we tried to learn everything there ever was within the gospel of Jesus Christ in just one quick change, we would be overwhelmed and possibly even pained while trying to adjust to it all at once. Instead, Christ's gospel was meant to be simple- to be learned "line upon line, precept upon precept".
Let the light of the gospel come in gradually, just as the light of the morning arises slowly, yet brilliantly.

As I prepare for a mission, I can already look back and see how much my sun has risen- how much I have learned. I wouldn't have realized it at the time but the change is brilliant. I hope to be able to show others how  brilliant life can be when you just let in the light of Christ. The light of Christ is based on and in love and that makes it the most brilliant kind of light I know.

Love Always,

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