Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Into You

During my middle school aged years I had two very good friends Jordan and Adam. We had a lot of fun. We did a lot together from long talks after school to making rediculous home videos to campfires. My favorite memory of them though is a motage of similar moments. They used to sing and play the guitar for me. When they found out that I was moving, they took me up on the hill in my backyard and as we sat in the grass they sang and played the Relinet K song called getting into you:

And then every time I came to visit after that they would play that song and sing it. I loved it. Plus, they got better over time :) I have several recordings of them singing this song to me over the years. Not sure how/why that became my song (probably because it's the one they had practiced the most), but it's a good song, so I liked it.
However, the last time I went back to visit, I didn't get to hear the song from them. Not because they wouldn't sing it, but because they aren't there.
Both Jordan and Adam are serving full-time missions. Jordan is serving in California and Adam in Brasil.
The other day as I contemplated serving a mission, I was listening to Pandora. I can't remember what station I had it on, but a Relient K song came on and it flooded me with memories. Because of that, I quickly jumped on my laptop and searched for "Getting Into You" so I could listen and reminisce.
I always knew the general meaning of the song, but this time it was so applicable to us.
One of the first letters I wrote to my friend on his mission, I finished off with writing "Do you, know what you, are getting yourself into?" With a smiley face drawn next to it.
Now that it applies to me, it hit me even more. Do I know what I am getting myself into?
I thought about that as I listened to the song the other day. And then I heard the verse that says:
"I  love you and that's what you are getting yourself into"

That song now means even more to me. Who would have thought that 2 teenage boys could have such a positive impact? Now they are out fulfilling this song and I'm on my way.

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